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Let us know what you're here to do and we'll direct you to the correct scheduling page.

Meeting Types

All meeting times below are estimated but may take longer depending on your individual family's needs, questions, and program. Please keep in mind that we are still seeing our union members each and every day so our time is valuable. Once you complete a booking, you are on our calendar and you have our time during that period so we ask that you put us on your calendar and let us know ASAP if anything changes with your availability before then. 

This is your first step in learning more about how to protect your family's now and forever. Our packages are not black and white; they are designed to be sculpted to fit each individual family to cover all areas of vulnerability and loss. Meeting may run up to 1 hour.

This is for current policy owners. Policy Owner Service meetings are usually set up by your Service Director but you may request a meeting if you need to gain clarity on current policies, add on a spouse or child, change beneficiaries or address, or upgrade coverage. Meetings may run 30-45 minutes.

These meetings cover only the long-term, permanent benefits utilized more so by our seniors. We focus on getting you or a spouse covered with cancer insurance with a guaranteed death benefit. Other hospital compensation benefits are available if you qualify. These programs are created to fit into any budget even if you are in a higher risk bracket due to your age. Meetings may run around 30 minutes.

If you have new additions to your family, the best gift you can give them is guaranteed life-long security. One way you can achieve this is by setting them up with our Child Head Start Program. After providing you with essential tools like our Child Safe ID Kit, we'll go over available coverage for your children (or grandchildren). The tools and benefits we'll go over protect your family in the short-term and your child's own family in the future. Meetings run 30-45 minutes.

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